The Best Advice for Running on a Treadmill

Smart Running Shoes on a Treadmill

As the weather gets colder, especially in areas where there is snow and ice, many people begin to do their running inside. If you are lucky enough to have an indoor running track close by then it is not such a big change, but for most of us who are forced to run on treadmills either at home, or the gym there can be a little bit of adjustment.

Remember To Warm Up And Cool Down

Many people forget this step when treadmill running, even those that normally have a good warm up routine. It is easy to just want to jump on the treadmill and go, but it is still important to incorporate a few stretches and 5 minutes or so of walking or an easy pace at the beginning and end of the run. Warming up and cooling down have many benefits not the least of which is a reduced risk of injury.

Ward Off Boredom 

One of the biggest complaints that many people have when it comes to treadmill running is how boring it can get. Unlike running outside you can’t change up your route, or view and each run is more or less the same as the last. One easy way to help change things up a bit is to add some interval training into your runs, change the speed and incline of the treadmill throughout your run to help make things more interesting and get a better workout. You can also bring in some entertainment, make an awesome running mix, or listen to an audio book.  One thing to avoid is reading or chatting with fellow runners and this can cause you to slow down and run with an improper form.

Treadmill Running Advice

Use An Incline, But Not Too Much

Adding a little bit of an incline will help compensate for the lack of wind, hills, and varied terrain, and increase the effectiveness of your workout. Also changing the level of incline will help to work different muscles and get rid of some of the monotony of treadmill running. While it is helpful to have an incline it is important not to have it set too steep (more than 7%) as this can add extra stain to your back, legs and ankles and lead to a higher risk of injury.

Keep Your Proper Running Form

It is important to maintain a proper running form while spending time running on the treadmill. Using an improper form not only reduces the effectiveness of your run, but also increases the chance to an injury. One common mistake that people make when running on a treadmill is looking down too often at the dashboard, or their feet. It is important to try and maintain the same from you would have running outside, keeping your back strait and looking forward. One way that you can help monitor this is to have a pair of digital shoes that are able to track your posture and give you feedback on what needs to be adjusted.

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