6 Habits That Will Make You a Better Runner

Pre-Run Food

Many runners follow a strict training program, or spend time interval training, or strength training in order to become better runners. These are all great ways to work on your running, but you can also form simple habits that will make you better runner. By incorporating these into your life, and training program you will improve your running and overall fitness.

Stay Consistent

This is one of the most important things you can do to improve your running. If you want to be a better runner than run. Not once and awhile, or when it is convenient, but consistently. It is ok to have a day off once and awhile, but you want to make running the habit, not skipping runs. Becoming a regular consistent runner will not only improve your running but will increase your love for it. The runs will become easier and you will start to look forward to them more.

Start Running in the Morning

One of the biggest reasons that people fail at running consistently is because it can be difficult to find the time to get runs in regularly. A great way to improve this is to start running in the morning. By running before you start the rest of your day you will get it out of the way before the rest of your life can start throwing up roadblocks. It will also get your day off to a positive start letting you move on to the rest of it feeling positive and accomplished.

Eat Properly

Just because you are running does not mean that you can throw nutrition to the wind and eat whatever you want. Yes, it is ok to indulge in a treat once and awhile but it important to makes sure that what you are eating most of the time is beneficial and will fuel your body properly. Eating junk will not only leave you feeling poor but will also affect your running performance. Maintain a wholesome nutrient dense diet and you will be setting yourself up for success at more than just running.

Set Goals

By setting goals you will have something to work toward and a way to measure your progress. Setting goals is a great way to form habits that will make you a better runner. It is a good idea to set multiple goals with a larger long-term goal and smaller short-term goals to reach along the way. Your goals to not all have to be specific to only running either, things like getting 8 hours sleep every night, or eating more veggies with every meal, will not only improve your life but also improve your running.

Get Stronger

Many runners only focus on improving their running with running, but cross training and making your whole body stronger you can have a substantial impact on your running in many ways. Runners who regularly cross train are less likely to be injured and recover from injuries more quickly. They also on average have greater running efficiency and more stamina.

Pay Attention to Your Running Form

Running form is one of the biggest factors in increasing your running performance and efficiency as well as preventing injuries. Making a habit of paying attention to your running form and tracking your running gait is important. By making small improvements to your stance, stride, footfall ect. you can improve your running exponentially over time.

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