High Performance Running Shoes with Revolutionary Design

Our shoes are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while also being durable and reliable.

The upper portion of the shoe is a combination of PU film to provide elasticity and support, and mesh for breathability and moisture wicking .

The mid-sole of the shoes has gone through many rounds of rigorous testing to create a unique composition of materials that reduce the risk of sports injury while providing the maximum output of performance.

The outer sole is comprised of a lightweight wear resistant rubber, to minimize energy expenditure, but maintain high quality long lasting shoes.

A PU Film combined with Air Mesh Makes a Shoe That is Comfortable and Breathable While Providing Support

Connected Shoe Mid-sole

The mid-sole is comprised of three layers of cushioning material to absorb impact, reducing injuries, while still proving support and giving you a smooth transition into each step.

Insole for digital running Shoes

An insole made with high density EVA material for maximum performance with a layer of hemp fiber to provide antibacterial and anti-deodorant properties.

Outsole fo Connected Shoes

Made of non-slip, lightweight, wear resistant rubber the outsole provides a strong base with good traction, without weighing down the shoe.

Engineered Insoles

Our advance insole technology brings maximum comfort, breathability and durability to our shoes.

Insole Composition of Smart running Shoes


Insoles increase performance and provide superior cushioning without adding any extra weight.


Air can easily circulate around and through the insole, ensuring the the foot stays cool and dry.

Moisture Wicking

Advance insole material moves moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry.


The unique structure of the insoles ensures they last longer without losing any or their cushioning.

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