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  • With a gait analysis on every run you can learn how to improve your running form and reduce your risk of being injured

  • Track foot impact force, foot strike position, pronation, flight time, stride, and more!

  • Powered by an advanced Intel chip to give more accurate running data.


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AISportage smart shoes are a combination of our specially designed running shoes, and our advanced fitness tracker. The shoes are built with multiple layers of cushioning material to absorb impact, reduce the risk of injury, and improve performance. The unique combination of materials used not only reduces the impact of each step, but returns some of that energy to your next one, reducing energy waist and increasing you efficiency and endurance.


The fitness tracker can be easily installed in the shoes by lifting the insole of the right shoe and placing the tracker into the available slot. The tracker can also be conveniently removed to charge, or can be used with the available shoe clip on another pair of shoes.

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The AISportage fitness tracker is much more than just your average pedometer. With an advanced Intel AI chip the device is able to track more metrics and data with greater accuracy. In addition to steps, distance and calories burned it can track, stride length, cadence, posture, foot strike, and much more.





A PU film combined with air mesh makes a shoe that is comfortable and breathable while providing support.

An insole made with high density EVA material for maximum performance with a layer of hemp fiber to provide antibacterial and anti-deodorant properties.

Connected Shoe Mid-sole

The mid-sole is comprised of three layers of cushioning material to absorb impact, reducing injuries, while still proving support and giving you a smooth transition into each step.

Outsole fo Connected Shoes

Made of non-slip, lightweight, wear resistant rubber the outsole provides a strong base with good traction, without weighing down the shoe.



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