Tips to Keep Running Fun

Pre-Run Food

Find a Beautiful Running Route

One of the best ways to enjoy running is to find a beautiful running route. Get out and explore your neighborhood, or the area around your town. Maybe for you running through the historic part of the city sets off your imagination, or maybe running down a tree lined path brings you peace. Whatever the location and wherever you are there are wonderful sites to see, get excited and get out there.

Find Great Running Tunes

Remember back in the day when we would send mixed tapes to each other. Well that might not be as much of a thing anymore, but you can still put your skills together building an ultimate running play list.

Enjoy the Peace

Another great thing about running is that if can be you time. For many people this is the one part of the day where the are left along and have a quiet moment to themselves. If this is you enjoy your moment. Make it something to look forward to.

Run with a Friend

Some people like their run time to be there quiet time, others are happier when they have company along. If that is you, find a friend who will come along with your runs or join a running group. Being part of a group not only gives you a way to socialize, but it also gives you a group of people that will support your journey and will often have great running advice and tips.

Run with Your Dog

Or maybe your want some company that supports you 100% but does not come with the obligation of conversation. Bring your furry best friend along for your runs. Running with your dog give you the best of both worlds, you have someone who is eager to run with you, but you are still able to have a quite part of the day to be along with your thoughts, or music, or podcast.

Get New Shoes

Making sure that you have good running shoes is important. Running shoes should be replaced about every 300- 500 miles. Making sure that you have comfortable reliable shoes that are up to date will not only make running more enjoyable, but it will lower our risk of being injured and improve your running efficiency.

Track Your Running

Track your running data so that you can see trends and improvements over time. Sometimes it can seem like things are not changing that much, but when you can look back at the data and see how much you have improved your time, or cadence, or form compared to 6 months ago, it can be very motivating. This really shows that improving a little bit over time makes a big difference.

Stay Positive

The way you frame your thoughts has a huge impact on how you feel. If you look at running as something to look forward to rather than something you have to do to stay in shape you will feel much better about it. If you are having a low motivation day remember some of the great runs that you’ve had, and how great you feel after running. Sometimes a little positive thinking is all you need to get out the door.

Keep Running

The best way to enjoy running more is to do more of it. The more you run the stronger your body will become and the better your endurance will be. Once you can run comfortably you can spend more time just enjoying the time.

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