Bad Running Habits?

bad running habits

Bad running habits

Bad running habits?

Do you have bad running habits during your running routine that you need to kick? Do you know how to identify those bad running habits? Not enjoying your run anymore and you aren’t sure why?

Well if you’ve ever asked yourself some or all those questions, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to identify your bad habits and some new ways to help kick those bad running habits to the curb!


Too much bounce in your step isn’t necessarily a good thing. Posture is an important part of your running form. It’s recommended that while running you lean slightly forward at your ankles, giving you a better stance when running. This allows you to keep yourself closer to the ground, allowing you to move yourself forward instead of up and down. Kick this bad running habit immediately, it is actually better for your health and helps your body.


If your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it’s not going to preform properly, leading this to be the next bad running habit. It needs time to recover from your day to day activities and exercise. If you don’t rest and sleep properly, there is a higher chance of being sore or stiff. Even if you aren’t training at high level or more than you normally do, sleep has an affect on every way your body works.

Improper Nutrition

After running you should have a high carb snack to refuel your body. Afterwards your next meal should be something with a mix of protein and carbs in order to rebuild muscle. Eating carbs before a run will give you more energy but eating them afterwards works well for muscle growth. Runners should increase there intake slightly to help replenish their bodies for the additional exercise.

Wrong Gear

Having the wrong running gear will sufficiently slow you down and this is a big bad running habit for a lot of folks. With AISportage smart shoes you can track your exercise and have a close look at what your body is doing and how it is preforming when you are running or working out. Light clothing also will assist with keeping your body feeling cool and dry.

Tension in Arms and Shoulders

Just like bounce, this affects your entire body and running stance. With tense arms and shoulders, you aren’t balancing your body properly. Some runners are inclined to swing their arms in front of their body, instead of the correct way which is parallel from each other and only on the side of your body instead of crossing in front of your torso.


Sure, we all want to look and feel great but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to rest. Resting is important so you don’t over train and hurt yourself. You should always have a rest day to make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself in the long run and don’t forget to stretch after you run so your muscles can properly rest and return back to their resting state.

Self Diagnosing

So we’ve all done the thing where somethings wrong with our body, so we Google it. I’m sure you’ve said to yourself before “I know my body”, because I know I’ve said it. But when we Google it there is going to be hundreds and thousands of articles similar to this one, where someone on the internet is telling you what’s wrong or why your body is doing something the way it is. The internet doesn’t know your body, your health conditions or what you’ve been doing. So if you are ever concerned or in serious pain, the best thing to do is contact a doctor.

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