How to Improve your Running Endurance

Pre-Run Food

Improving running endurance is something that most runners strive for.  Having better endurance means being able to run longer and further without getting as tired. This is important for everyone whether you are just starting out, or trying to move from running 5ks to 10ks, or are training for a marathon.  Improving your endurance is not always easy, but with perseverance and a few great tips it is totally achievable.

Be Consistent

This is the most important factor when you are trying to increase your endurance.  This is a process and not something that happens overnight. It is not something you can pick up and work at a bit every now and then. If you want to improve than you need to stick to your running plan and stay consistent.

Improve Your Running Form

Working on improving your running form and technique will make a big impact on your endurance. Having proper running technique will improve your running efficiency. Since you will be expending less energy to travel the same distance you will be able to go further without feeling as tired.

Push Further

If you want to improve your stamina so that you can go further than part of that is going further. Increase your long runs by a little bit. Even adding a few minutes will help condition your body and push it to improve. Do not push speed on your long runs, that can come later once you are comfortable with the distance. You can even add distance to your runs by including some walking breaks. This will still increase your overall distance and help develop the endurance you are looking for.

Speed Runs

It is better to focus on improving your endurance first and then looking at speed. However, when running a shorter run with a distance that is already comfortable once an awhile add a bit of speed. You should still be running at a comfortable pace, not all out, but at a level that is working your muscles a little bit more. Doing this will help develop your muscles and improve their ability to work. It will also make things seem that much easier when you are doing a long run at a reduced pace.

Take good care of yourself

If you want to improve your running endurance than you need to take good care of your body. Make sure that you have a good diet, with plenty of complex carbs. These complex carbs will make sure that you have energy throughout your run.  Have a good warm up and cool down routine with proper stretching. And make sure that you are getting enough sleep and have set rest days.

Cross Train

Adding some strength and cross training into your running plan can help you increase your stamina more quickly. Building strength and improving your bodies cardiovascular fitness will transfer over into better running endurance. Some of this can be done during days off from running so that you continue to improve your fitness even though you are not out for a run.

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