Tips And Advice For Running With Your Dog

Smart Running Shoes with your Dog

Everyone is always saying that you should find a friend to run with to help stay motivated and accountable, what better friend is there than your furry four-legged buddy. Your dog, loves spending time with you, is full of energy, needs exercise, and how can you decided to skip a run when you look into those loving eyes and see that excited wagging tail. Running with your canine best bud can be a great idea, but before you head out here are a few things to consider.

Think About Your Dog’s Breed

Before running with your dog think about whether they have the build for it. Shepherds, retrievers, collies, terriers and other dogs that were bred to work are good running companions as they have high energy and endurance. Smaller breeds like chihuahuas and pomeranians, or other dogs with short legs will have trouble keeping up to more of a pace than a fast walk. Also, flat-faced breeds like bulldogs or pugs have a harder time breathing and may find a long run difficult.

Check With Your Vet

Before starting on a regular running regime, it is a good idea to check in with your veterinarian. Dogs are not able to tell you is something is bothering them, and if something is they do not give as many physical indications as people do. If you have an older dog, you do not want to put any extra stress on them if they have any underlying conditions. Many purebred breeds are also prone to hip dysplasia which would make running long distances painful.

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Don’t Start Too Young

If you have a young puppy it is a good idea to wait a little while before getting them to join in your morning run. Up until after they are a year old the bones of young dogs are still developing, and this could be affected by running. This is another great reason to talk to your veterinarian before starting up.

Start Out Slow

Just like people cannot go from laying on the couch all day to running a marathon, your four-legged friend will need to build up to longer runs. This is important to remember because unlike people most dogs love to run and will keep going past the point of injury without complaint. Start out slow and let your pup build up strength and endurance, so you can both enjoy an amazing running routine together.

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